Your body is like a Ferrari!

My body’s nobody’s body but my own!

I remember this from when I was a kid and learning about our bodies and what was a “good touch” and what was a “bad touch”.

As we grow we often forget to honour what is good and bad for our bodies. We take our body for granted and treat it poorly.

What if you looked at your body like an expensive car: you have bought it brand new, it’s shiny, runs like a dream and you love to show it off to your friends at the car shows (insert cat call here).

Now what if I told you, that car was going to eventually get old and no longer work and that the manufacturer that makes the parts has long since gone out of business! Wouldn’t you do everything you could to maintain your car’s well being!

I can’t imagine that you would drive like a maniac, let it stay covered in mud, drive with flat tires, put anything other than premium fuel in the tank or let anyone else drive it recklessly!!

So why do we treat our own bodies like that?

Your body is the ONLY one you’ve got! Sure you can replace certain parts, but like a fine car when you get body work done after an accident, it’s never quite the same as it was with its original parts.

So it’s time to start treating your body as it’s meant to be treated...like a well engineered, expensive, beautiful car!
Be gentle with your car, enjoy driving it, but stay safe, don’t let anyone else treat your car poorly!

Begin by...
Giving it a good wash: get rid of any gross mud you are carrying around: habits, past hurts, negative beliefs

Fill it up with Premium fuel: stop feeding your car diesel if it takes petroleum--eat healthy, drink loads of water, take vitamins

Take it out for a drive: your engine needs to run to stay in good working order: exercise, laugh,
dance, walk, jog, play, get outside

You will not only maintain your car for a lot longer, but you will also find more joy in using that car! After all, there’s nothing like a Sunday drive in a beautiful car to feel like a million bucks!

Vroom, vroom...ENJOY!

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