Feasts, Farmer's Markets and Fall

My eldest suggested we have a "feast" today. I remembered there was a farmer's market at PineRidge Hollow this morning, so off we went . Picked up the sweetest corn on the cob ever, some carrots, and some "natural" farmer sausage from Matheson's farm. If the potatoes I bought earlier were local, we had a "Made in Manitoba" meal. Yummy. The highlight of today was Rod pulling me over to one of the stalls, pulling out a twenty and telling me to pick out a necklace. I wasn't sure which one I liked best, so he ended up picking out a winner: black cord, polished black stone with white swirls and two silver beads on either side. I love it! I haven't really worn jewellery since having children, so it was extra special. My youngest still wants to yank on it, but hopefully the novelty will wear off quickly and he'll ignore it.

The farmer's market runs every Saturday from 9-1 until September 20th. It's a bit of a drive, but I thought it was totally worth it. There were a few crafters, lots of jams, jellies & chutneys, great corn on the cob (don't even bother buying corn anywhere else...mine was picked this morning!), potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, cukes, zucchini, onions, mini pumpkins and gourds, and decorative corn just to name a few things. We didn't have time to stop in at the restaurant, but sometime I'd like to go back with a girlfriend. They list their menu on the website...looks tantalizing!

Well, that's it for now. Fall looks like it will be busy at the studio. Our new brochures are already bringing in new clients and fantastic feedback. (I'm working on getting them out to our clients still). Rodney will start shooting for one of CancerCare's big gala fundraisers this week. He's still pretty sore after holding a camera all day, but doing surprisingly well. We are blessed. Our eldest starts grade one this week. Not looking forward to the earlier start to the mornings and yet I am looking forward to having more morning in my day. Hope you have a wonderful fall. It's one of my favorite seasons. I hear Tiber River is bringing out an amazing line for fall, which includes pomegranate-vanilla and strawberry-rhubarb crisp. Mmm!

Happy long week-end!



We are extremely thankful to God in the Braun household today. As Rod was headed down Main Street on his way to a meeting this morning, a man accidentally ran a red light at Logan and broad-sided our van on the passenger side with such force that the van was tipped onto its side. Many thoughts raced through Rod's mind as he was skidding along down Main, face inches from the pavement with his window open.

Construction workers came to rescue him immediately. An off-duty police officer quickly assessed the situation and told Rod he was concerned about fluid leaks and getting him out as soon as possible. A bunch of guys got the van back on its wheels and Rod was able to get out. Miraculously, he has the mildest of skin abrasions on his cheek and chin (not even really visible) and a tiny cut on his forehead (from a shard of glass I assume). There were some glass shards in his shoe. Of course, his left shoulder and hip are getting increasingly sore and stiff. But it could easily have been so much worse. The car following him ended up somehow in between both vehicles with minor scratches. Also a miracle. The driver of the other car is also "okay". Rod had a chance to talk to him...a very nice guy who just happened to miss the light change as he was adjusting his sun visor. Traffic was blocked off for a four-block radius for about an hour.

So many phone calls today already. We will be replacing three car seats (as a precaution) and looking for a new vehicle. Rod just went to pick up a rental and will be heading to the chiropractor after that. Lots of decisions and uncertainties ahead, but we are so grateful that Rod's life was preserved and that no major injuries were sustained. The accident will probably be in the news...lots of cameras and reporters. I don't even know if I want to see the aftermath.

Life is precious. It is good to be reminded of the fragility of life. Each day we have with those we love is a gift. So enjoy today. And be thankful. I sure am.


looooong time no Rodney!!!!

Hi all, i know, I know, looooong time no Rodney!!!! After our time in Saskatchewan I arrived to a major computer crash (major may in fact be an understatement) and life has been crazy trying to catch up. The good news I guess is that we are back up and running and actually got some stuff done that i had been procrastinating on doing while the computer was down.

It's hard to believe that summer is almost gone, my goal is in the next three weeks to do 3 sessions that are purely for me and the art of photography, I think this is a great way to celebrate summer and if you want to be part of one of these sessions let me know.

Sorry this is short, I'll blog again very soon.



Pioneer Women

I've been saying lately that it's harder than ever to be a woman. I still believe we live in a very complex world where the expectations and roles are many for us and we are bombarded with messages of how we should look, what our homes should look like, etc. etc., as well as encouraged to add career on top of everything we have traditionally done.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing a play in Assiniboine Park called, "The Bush Ladies", done by TheatreBytheRiver. It is a brilliantly acted/produced/written work by Molly Thom featuring four pioneer women's stories taken directly from their own writings. These were cultured British women who left everything to settle in Canada. Life was hard. Very hard. But through their tenacity, creativity, and adaptability, they survived and eventually thrived. It was very inspiring.

This is the last week it is being done. Go see it and you will be grateful for all you have around you.


"As much fun as you can have roughing it in the bush" CBC
"Invigorating and educational notch production" Winnipeg Free Press
"The performances are so good that you won't even realize you're learning" Uptown

Performed on the North Shore of the Assiniboine Park Footbridge

Wednesday August 13th 7:00PM
Thursday August 14th 4:30PM
Friday August 15th 7:00PM
Saturday August 16th 7:00PM
Sunday August 17th 4:30PM

Admission is by donation (suggested minimum donation of $10)