So long, so sorry!

So long no blog. I’m sorry about the wait, life has been crazy and I need a vacation that will not come for a long time, I did however take the time to gather evidence that summer did drive by us here in the peg as I went to the beach yesterday with my family and enjoyed an amazing sunburn (I’m very, very thankful that we didn’t go to a nude beach, that would have really hurt!!!)

One of the things I want to learn this year is how to be a more thankful person, it seams that I all too seldom take the time to be grateful for what I am blessed with, and as I have been thinking about this I have been overcome by a sense of wonder at how we have been blessed with such good clients. If you are one of our clients, I want you to know that you are really really appreciated; and in case we haven’t expressed it to you lately, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lived, it’s an honour we don’t take lightly.

Since we have another few weeks of summer left, here’s a look at a recent session with a long time friend and client, if you are interested in an outdoor session just let me know and we can arrange something that you will love.



Stories to Share

I was just going through my file of testimonials while updating the look of our gift certificates, and I thought I would share a couple. Reading these just makes me so proud of my husband and what we do as a studio.

"I had an amazing experience with Eve Studios! Something I will never forget! I was getting married last July and decided it would be a neat wedding gift to have some photos taken for my husband, but it turned out to be so much more than that! Rodney made me feel so good about myself and who I am. From the instant I walked into Eve Studios I felt comfortable, respected and excited! While my husband and I picked a great picture to hang on our wall, the experience left me feeling confident, strong and empowered. I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of shape or size; a photo shoot with Rodney is an amazing way to appreciate yourself for who you are, inside and out!" - C.L.

"I enjoyed every minute of our session together and could have stayed all day. Everything about your studio and your professionalism was very comforting which brought out my inner beauty. My boyfriend and my very close friends have always told me that I was beautiful and sexy, but to be honest I never truly believed them. Through your pictures I now see what they see and am more confident. Thank you, thank you. I wish every woman could share the experience." - T.S.

"Following the session, I was feeling a noticeable sparkle, and my yoga practice that night felt better than it has in a long time. Instead of feeling stiff and closed-in, I felt free and expressive. The session has helped to rejuvenate my practice, and I am so grateful for that. Now I want to do another session all over again! ☺ As you said, I think it's quite addicting.

I think every woman should experience a session, as it really can be quite therapeutic in so many ways." - T.M.

Thank you to each of our clients for sharing their stories. I hope they can inspire you, too!