Focus on Family

At Eve Studios, our focus is women: capturing their beauty and building their self-esteem.  But we also know that one of the most important things to a woman is her relationships.  This summer we'd like to focus on family relationships primarily.

Over the next months, I hope you'll come back to our blog regularly to read tips on creating great family memories.  One way is to bring your family together for a fun outdoor portrait session.  June is a great time to do it!  There is something about a natural setting that is special, especially if that setting is a favorite hang-out for your family.

We're very excited to be partnering with Supper Central again.  If you've never visited them at McGillivray and Kenaston, you should.  They have a beautiful location and offer great meal ingredients all ready for you to assemble or pick up in order to create a delicious home-cooked meal so you can savour more time with your family!

We've also got plans for some sort of family give-away, so stay connected to see if there's a prize draw you're interested in.

If you'd like to book an Eve session or outdoor family session, be sure to book soon so that you can get in while the weather is good.  Calling 221-8413 Tuesday to Friday between 11 and 1 is your best bet to talk in person to someone.  Rodney will be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a time to talk about what you're thinking.  There's no obligation or cost involved.  (As well, if you've won a mother/daughter gift certificate, please don't hesitate to call and book a time to do it).

"Because time with family is precious"


Announcing our Winners!

Congratulations to Celine and her mom for winning our prize baskets. I had to do a second draw and that one went to Kelly and Beckie. And I thought I would also give a prize for the best entry and that goes to Shauna, whose friend will receive a free facial from Rituals in Hair and Skin as well as some Yonka product.

Thanks, everyone for participating! And thanks to all of the generous business owners who contributed.

And speaking of winners, I would like to congratulate one of our clients, Karen Insley of Aspen Fitness, who won a Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award tonight in the category of Contribution to Community. Way to go, Karen!

A mother/daughter story

"I wanted to let you know how my Mother's Day session went. It couldn't have been better!

Since I met Rod in Nov '09 and had a great fun filled session with some girl friends of mine, I knew if anyone was going to make my mom feel great in front of a camera, it was going to be him. I too am not always that keen about my picture being taken, but Rod does have a way to get people to relax and have fun.

Being able to have myself, my 2-month-old daughter and my mom in a picture of this quality is something I am always going to remember. I know my mom had a great time and she can't wait to see her finished "zen" piece. I want to thank you two again for being the ones who made this happen. It means the world to me."


Note from Sonya: This is the last day to enter our draw. If you just won a gift certificate, please don't panic. Just let us know when you'd like to come in and use it (within the next week or so). We also want to assure you that you won't be pressured to buy more photos than you've won. We are here to serve, not to sell.

Looking forward to seeing who our lucky winners are...


Mother's Day Extended

How quickly Mother's Day passes! I enjoyed breakfast in bed and lots of homemade cards and gifts. My hubby cooked for me the whole day and I received a bunch of tulips from my beaming four-year-old.

But it doesn't have to be over! You can celebrate being a mom or celebrate your mom with a mother/daughter session at Eve Studios, where our specialty is women. Sessions are $50 (complimentary for returning clients) and packages start at $100.

Today Rodney has the privilege of photographing two sets of mother/daughter pairs. Each of them will be entered for a special prize draw happening on May 19th. Lots of goodies: two hours of housecleaning, free facial, free manicure, free cut & style, free meal packs, free pampering and skincare products, free jewellery, free inspiration, free coaching, free art books, and free photo session are all available to be won! (We just need some free chocolate...maybe I should work on that!) You can enter to win by commenting on this blog post and telling me why you think your mom or friend should win (and you'll have a chance, too!) and/or by coming in for a session yourself!

Hope to hear from you soon...


Enter our Mother's Day draw

Received the following entry by email and thought I would post it. Keep telling these stories. It's wonderful! For anyone new to this blog, we are having a draw for some fabulous prizes and you can enter two ways:
  1. Tell us why your mother/friend deserves to win either by commenting on this or another post or by emailing me (sonya at eve studios dot ca)
  2. Come in to the studio for a mother/daughter session and you will be entered
At this point, there are two prize baskets. If the person you picked wins, you will also win. Or, if you come to the studio and your ticket wins, you and your mother (or friend of your choice) will win the prize basket.

Our number of prizes keeps growing, so we may do two draws. We'll have to see!

Thank you to these business owners for their donations:

I think my mom deserves to win for so many reasons. My mom has been an inspiration for me through so many ways. She has shown so much dedication in her role as a mother, a listener, a therapist and most importantly as a friend. Over the years she has worn so many hats. My mom has always been there for me especially when life has hit me hard. She sacrificed so much over the years to ensure our happiness. She has never been judgemental and has always been patient. I hope to one day follow in her footseps and be an amazing mother like she has been. Overall I think my mom deserves to win for just being who she is because that person is remarkable.
Thank you,
CĂ©line Land


Mother's Day Expression

I was inspired to write a song for my kids a while back and thought I would share the lyrics with you all (it's not recorded yet or I would share the actual song). Although Mother's Day is meant to honour and give to mothers, I think it is a time for mothers to also reflect on what it means to be a mother. (By the way, this photo was taken near a creek here in Winnipeg, just off of Portage).

The Three of You
(by Sonya Braun)

The three of you have changed my life immensely
No one can melt my heart like you
No one can move my heart like you

For the three of you I've lived my life intensely
No one can love you like I do
No one can change my love for you

It's just for the three of you...

As each of you made your entrance into this world
You made a special entrance into my heart
And as I held you, rocked you, fed you,
As I gazed into your eyes,
It was love,
Deep, deep love

As each of you become the person you're meant to be
So special, so unique, and on your way
Just know you can always be yourself
And I'll still look into your eyes
With love,
Deep, deep love.

(Feel free to use this poem and adapt it for the number of kids you have!)


Mothers and Daughters--each unique

Every mother/daughter relationship is unique and multi-faceted.

Capture the special bond you share....

in whatever season of the mother/daughter relationship you're in.