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What does it mean?

"Dwell in possibility."
-- Emily Dickinson

I don't know that much about Emily Dickinson and what inspired her to say that, but it's something worth pondering...and living. These words came into my inbox at the perfect time as I have been grappling with my own sense of feeling small in the face of a great task. Do you ever feel that way? How do move from feelings of inadequacy to possibility?

One answer that has just come up for me is to stop trying to go it alone. Sometimes moving from impossible to possible means surrounding yourself with the right people. Often, it means coming to the end of yourself so you can reach out for help.

I also think dwelling in possibility means having faith. Some people would define that as knowing yourself and having faith in your abilities. Although that is extremely important, that to me, that doesn't move mountains. I find great solace in knowing there is Someone much greater than I am who says, "Ask and you will receive". As simple as that sounds, it's not easy to ask. And it's not always easy to believe. But I think it's key to dwelling in possibility. I wonder what Emily would say?!

So, what great task are we undertaking? Creating a breathtaking art project that changes the way we view water. It's called "H2Oohhh" It will be shown in March (coinciding with World Water Day on the 22nd). 20% of all proceeds from this project will go toward providing access to fresh water for people in developing countries, and our goal is to raise $10,000. We also want to heighten people's awareness of our own local water issues and what every person can do to help preserve them. In the coming months we are finding sponsors to bring together for "H2Oohhh" to help make it a success (and that is where I need the strength of others).

Even as this post has been brewing, I have had the tremendous privilege of working with two very special people. Their wisdom, expertise, and belief in us have been instrumental in moving our project along. Just today, I also re-discovered an ancient writing that says, "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Heb. 11:1) Yes, dwelling in possibility has a lot to do with faith and hope. And I'm so thankful for the people along the way helping me believe that what we envision in our minds can indeed become reality.