Hours of Operation

We've been receiving a number of requests to do sessions on Sunday.  Other than the odd wedding back in the day and maybe one session ever on a Sunday (not even sure we have), we have never been open on Sundays.  We realize it can be difficult to get a whole family together, so we certainly empathize, but it's also our day of rest and family time, as well a day we commit to going to church on.  And with Rodney working a full-time job in addition to doing photography, down-time is precious.  Thanks so much for your understanding.  We will try to make one Saturday per month available as well as an evening per week.  Please contact us well in advance of the date you need us so we can try to accommodate you.



We're fully into summer.  First big heat wave.  Garden growing.  Trips to the beach.  Landscaping.  Popsicles.  Barbecuing.  Convertible rides (yes, that has been a very fun addition to life...we highly recommend it).

We've also been doing some headshots for business owners and will have the studio open on one or two Saturdays (Saturday, July 21st is the first one if anyone else would like to book in).  The evening light has been gorgeous and the mosquitoes not too bad.  If you've got your family together this summer, why not consider an outdoor family session?

Rodney is enjoying his new position at Red River College, developing their program and teaching two additional courses in the fall/winter.  We've been making some improvements to the studio.  It's still for sale as we're eager to build closer to home, but for now we're still on Selkirk Avenue.

Sonya has been learning about health and nutrition lately and still doing some writing.  But mostly focused on the kids, yard, and house this summer.  And trying to fit in some dates.  The new "date car" (Volvo C70 convertible) will increase the fun factor.  Now we can drive to Lockport and back and feel like it was special.  Joy is always in the simple things!  Also reading some interesting books from the library:  Committed (the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love), Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, and The Proper Care And Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  I'm not sure how I'll get through them all, but it was fun to take out so many books that intrigued me.

Hope you have an excellent summer!  And remember you are beautiful!