Don’t just plan....DO!!!

“Ability is what you’re capable of. Motivation determines what you do” – Coach Lou Holtz

How often have you (or someone else) recognized your potential and realized it’s not being reached?

I have heard the signs of this phenomenon over and over:
“I should/could/would have done that, but...”
“When (insert anything here) happens, I will have more time to do what I want”
“I have a plan I just need to start working on it”

All I hear is “I’M NOT DOING, I’M NOT DOING, I’M NOT DOING” !!!!

There is a major difference between people who are wildly successful, balanced, inspiring and’s not that they have more intelligence, more money, more time, more support or more ability! The difference is that people who are successful, inspiring and joyful actually do something about what they want!

This quote sits above my desk where I work from home to remind me not only of my potential, but that it’s my responsibility to actually DO something about it. We often give up control or power by putting our fate/success/desires in the hands of someone or something else.

STOP GIVING UP CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!! Your life is yours, no one else is going to live it for you and then hand you the glory at the end! You cannot PVR your life and go through it without the commercials when you’re home from work! You need to take charge, start a plan and (most importantly) start working on any aspect of that plan!

When we begin to be active in choosing how we live our lives, we feel empowered, accomplished, educated, joyful and successful! Even if what you do doesn’t work out as you expected or hoped, you will still feel amazing for having DONE something about it! And when your plans don’t work out as you planned, then you know you NEVER have to try it out that way again!

So get motivated (through coaching, exercise, art, reading, meditation...whatever) and get out there! When you are DOING in your life, your potential will continue to grow!

Aisha Alfa, Alfa Life Coaching

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