You've probably been waiting for us to update this blog. We're all waiting for spring to arrive (or stay). If you've been driving in this weather, you've probably done your share of waiting in traffic. And if you're like several in our family, you're waiting for a persistent cough to clear up.

Waiting. Most of us aren't that crazy about waiting. Or good at it. My kids are notoriously impatient. I think they come by it honestly. Where am I going with this? I'm not even sure. That's what I like about the creative process. You never know where it might lead. It's like a great novel or an exciting adventure.

My friend is doing a lot of waiting these days. She broke her ankle in three places. Now she waits for it to heal. And waits for others to do things for her, when normally she is the one making things happen (and a lot of things happen at once, I might add).

I have experienced the waiting that comes with pregnancy three times. With the first came lots of reflection and anticipation...and a little trepidation. The second and third went by much faster, with less time to savour the experience.

With our business, we've done a lot of waiting...waiting for the breakthrough...where everything we've done starts to come together in synergy and our business takes off. Well, I think the waiting is over. It feels a little surreal at times, to see our dream becoming a reality, but I think it's slowly sinking in. It's been a long time coming.

I think the waiting has enlarged us (like being pregnant). I think it has expanded our capacity for hope. I think it has increased our ability to trust. I think it has opened up our hearts to be more grateful. I hope so.

Rodney and I often find it difficult to find the balance between "doing the stuff"and trusting. Sometimes it comes down to receiving the wisdom to do the "right stuff at the right time" and sometimes it is simply receiving a gift we could never have orchestrated ourselves. Those gifts "out of the blue" remind us of the vastness of God, so that we don't over-inflate (or over-work) our limited selves.

What are you waiting for? Have you been feeling desperate? Have you nearly given up hope? Do you wonder if you are foolish to believe it will happen? Are you afraid of disappointment?

The one who created us waits for us to turn to him. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need. He is fully capable of meeting those needs. Our part is to expectation (and with a bit more "stillness" than my children!)

Well, I think I got to where I needed to go. I hope the path was scenic enough.

I'm waiting to hear from you!