Sexy in the City - "Being Sexy" by Carolyne Braid

Sexy is not determined by your hip to waist ratio, length of your hair, or how long your legs are. Rather, just as the saying goes, “sexy is truly an inside job.” As owner of Pole Dancing Winnipeg, I’ve built a business around providing women with the opportunity explore being sexy, and over the past six years I have seen the spectrum from goddess to empty shell. Outward beauty is no indication of where a woman will fall on the “sexy continuum” - rather it is determined by how they perceive and feel about themselves.

Sexy is a combination of confidence and sensuality. It is the belief in one’s self coupled with the acknowledgement of being a woman. When these two forces - strength and beauty - are brought together, it is a powerful force which can inspire, empower, and change lives.

Some women don’t feel they have the right, don’t deserve to be, don’t believe they are, or have forgotten how to be sexy. I feel to be a true authentic woman, all aspects need to be explored and embraced. Living an incongruent life can leave women unfulfilled, unhappy, and quiet inside.

I first became involved with pole dancing after seeing it on Oprah. While working with the pole I found a home, a channel, a way to explore my sexy side. I knew I was a woman, but I was disjointed and unsure. Over time, and being open to what the pole allowed to emerge, I am now all woman – I walk sexy, I talk sexy, I am sexy. It is a feeling from within and needs no external confirmation. 

Sonya's note:  Congratulations to Carolyne on expanding your business to Brandon and being one of four PoleFit Canada certified businesses.

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