My Body: What’s Love got to do with it?

My sister made a comment last week that blew me away: “I used to live from the neck up.” Her words captured perfectly how I lived for decades. I knew every inch of my face and hair, but I was shut off from the rest of my body. I overate or ignored my hunger, I slept too long or not enough. I drank too much, sun-burned my skin and stuffed myself into clothes that didn’t feel good. I barely took care of my body, so how could I know it or love it? In return for this neglect, my body gave me pain, aches, skin problems, excess weight, low energy and a host of other issues. If my body was my lover, I would have been dumped years ago.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day - a day for lovers - I invite you to fall in love with your body again. The thing about love is that the more we give, the more we get back. So start paying attention to your body again. Give it the love it deserves and watch how it gives back. Here are 4 ways get started.
  1. Feed your body with love. Choose fresh, whole foods you adore and that look and taste great. Avoid food that makes you feel sluggish and bloated. Want chocolate? Skip the big bag of tasteless foil-covered hearts and go for the highest quality treat you can afford. Feed yourself slowly, treasuring every bite. If you find this challenging, find the pause before eating. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: How will this food feel over time in my body? Choose foods that feel good over time – and notice how they also feel good in the moment!
  1. Make a move - and focus on the feeling. There are usually two camps when it comes to exercise. People who love it and people who don’t. People who enjoy moving and exercising focus on the feeling they get after exercise. Ask any exercise lover and they will tell you how amazing they feel after their workout and how they love the results. People who struggle with exercise focus on what exercise costs them. They focus on the time it takes, the money, the laundry, etc. Make a plan to start moving and focus your mindset on how you will feel afterwards. Imagine the joy, the energy and the satisfaction you will have from taking action. Ask yourself, “How will I feel after I workout?” Then go do it!
  1. Love the skin you are in. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it deserves some loving attention. Going from dry cracked skin to luscious softness can be a quick and easy way to shift your mood and energy. Treat yourself to a lovely lotion that smells divine and feels delicious on your skin. Smooth it over your entire body - especially the areas you have ignored in the past. Make it a daily ritual - your skin will love you for it. As an added bonus, tell yourself loving thoughts as you moisturize, affirming what you do love about your body.
  1. Get between the sheets. Make a “bed-time” date with your body that allows you seven to eight hours of glorious sleep. Commit to a bed-time and do whatever it takes to honor it. Adopt the belief that “There is nothing more important than my sleep.” Deep sleep allows your body to heal, repair and metabolize. You will be amazed what your body gives back - energy, clarity and joy.

Falling in love can sometimes be scary - especially with a lover we have been ignoring for years. So if “love at first sight” seems too much of a leap, just flirt a little. Go on that first blind date, picking one step from the list above to try today. What have you got to lose?

Erin Postle, M.Ed.

Erin Postle, M.Ed. is a Weight Loss Coach, Psychotherapist and creator of The Weight Loss Toolkit. She is devoted to teaching women how to end emotional eating, and create their ideal body, while living the life they deserve. Through her coaching programs, classes and products, Erin shows her clients how to replace their struggle and pre-occupation with weight with a lot more joy, freedom and abundance. For more information go to

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