The 30 day challenge???

I was inspired and challenged by a client yesterday, her name is Carly and she recently took a 30 day yoga challenge. Carly came in for a session and not only was she beautiful, she was also an amazing person and I was inspired when hearing her story so i too think that I should try to do a 30 day challenge of my own. In all fairness I have been getting slightly healthier by taking the bike to work and around town as much as possible, but I think if I could build up my core muscles a bit and just tune my body up that would be good; I do realize that I won't have as good a body as Carly has, but I'm going to do what I can to become more healthy.

I should clarify, I won't be doing yoga for 30 days but will be doing a workout daily for 30 days, please ask me how it's going and keep me accountable.

Speaking of new beginnings, last week we finally planted new grass seeds here at the studio after bringing in 10 yards of topsoil and 6 yards of limestone. With the help of Jacob my 6 year old son we have done a lot of work here at the studio and are proud of the way it is looking, thanks to our clients for your patience as we have been working on the yard and trying to improve the property here.

Now, stop reading and go outside and enjoy a few mins of beautiful fresh air.



Dating other people

Well it's official so I thought I would let our little world in on it, Sonya and I have started dating other people. This weekend was our first go at it and I must say, it was AWESOME!!! Friday was my date night and my date looked like a million bucks, Rachel (my 3 year old princess) was dressed to kill and she helped me pick out the clothes that she wanted me to wear (you need to look handsome daddy). Sunday night was Sonya's turn and Jacob (our 5 year old prince charming) was dressed in a button up shirt and his nicest jeans, he even allowed me to put a little cologne on him. We both went to the same show, the performance put on by the Senior professional program of the School of Contemporary Dancers; what an amazing show, my kids were in awe and want to go again next weekend. It was really quite an amazing experience to go out with the kids one on one, it was special for both Sonya and I but all the more for the kids.

I guess if I have to date someone other than my babe, my princess is the next best option, thanks sweetie.


With a Smile

I know I just blogged yesterday, but I was out this morning on Academy Road and I was just so impressed with the two businesses I stopped in at, that I have to say something. I've been to both before and I so I wasn't surprised, but wow!

First was Bernard Callebaut. Such personable service (and of course yummy chocolates). So into my kids (that's always a plus). Just a lovely experience. Did you know that they have their own delectable chocolate in bulk forms to take home with you for baking? I picked up a bag of their semi-sweet chocolate chips. So good for little pick-me-ups. And no artificial flavors.

Then was Tiber River. I was so so warmly greeted and helped by Carly. Their store is so beautiful and fresh. And today I actually got a chance to smell some of their products. What a treat! I finally settled on to their "Perfect Pear" lotion for the studio and their Cucumber Wasabi hand wash. I wish I would've had more time...

Now, when you come to the studio, you can sample what I brought back (sorry, no chocolates). I know you'll want to head over to Academy Road once you have...


We have a Winner!

And the winner of the "Get Your Feet Wet" draw for a free pedicure from Tiber River Naturals is...Janice!

Congratulations. The gift certificate will be waiting for you Thursday at the studio.


Pin-Ups or Art Nudes?

Take our poll and tell us what you think...

In Saturday's Free Press, reporter Carolin Vesely did a superb little piece showcasing a photographer in the city who has a specialty creating "pin-up" style portraits. Hair, make-up, costume, props and even computer graphics combine to create the scene, the look and even the personna. Kind of intriguing.

Some of the quotes I found especially notable were: "Latschislaw (the photographer) says he wasn't interested in doing nudes. 'I want to do pictures that women can show their mothers.' "

And of a pin-up model in Toronto, "You won't find any nude pictures of me anywhere. Not that there's anything wrong with that, in the right context, she adds. When you consider that the female body is the most beautiful thing that was ever created, to cover it up and say it's dirty, to me, that's wrong."

At Eve Studios, we focus on who our clients are and bring that out in the portraits rather than create a certain look. We try to keep our settings simple and clean in order to bring emphasis to the subject...We aren't looking for sexy as much as empowered, confident and free to be who you are (which does include allure, passion, mystery, drama...) Ironically, it seems when a person has all that they usually hide behind stripped away, a new honesty emerges. And the resulting imagery seems to be purer and truer.

But enough about us...what do you think? Check out the article. Check out our work. What do you see? How do you feel when you see the images? Do you see yourself in them? What would you choose? And for fun, take our little poll and we'll see what women are thinking.


Happy Mother's Day

As mothers, we give give give. There is always another diaper to change, a meal to make, a child to comfort, schoolwork to help with (and the list goes on). The list changes somewhat as children grow up, but the list never goes away...

Rodney and I want to take a moment to say to all our clients who are mothers: "You're doing a very important job and we honour you for all you do every single day. Don't give up! Take a break and soak in the attention. Happy Mother's Day!"



I spent an evening last week in at an event celebrating "Winnipeg's Most Beautiful Women" a celebration by Winnipeg Women Magazine. This event was really amazing, the women that they featured were in fact very amazing people who have done so much to enrich the lives of those around them; it really was very inspiring. As I thought about it I was overwhelmed with the realization that my clients are in fact just as beautiful; I have had the opportunity to celebrate the beauty (both inner and otter) of many woman in the past year, thank you to all of you my clients for the opportunity to learn more about you and to celebrate your beauty.

We here in Winnipeg are truly blessed to have a very large number of truly beautiful women, keep up the great work ladies.