News Bits

 A few new things are coming into play this fall.  Let me tell you about them.
  • Rodney has taken on a part-time teaching position at Red River College and is enjoying the challenge.  (The studio is now closed on Mondays and Fridays).
  • We will no longer be offering 2-for-1 sessions on the last Tuesday of the month.
  • The studio will be closed the week of Remembrance Day.
  • Rodney is currently working on two art projects to be unveiled this winter.  Watch for times and dates!

What does it mean to be beautiful?

On Facebook today, Kim Malchuk (Manitoba best-selling author of Tasting Rain) asked the question, “What does it mean to be beautiful?”  Here are the thoughts she inspired in me:

I think there are many ways to describe what it means to be beautiful, but here's what I've been thinking about lately...

To be beautiful is to be a woman.
To be a woman is to be beautiful.

Yes, there are things that can mar or cover a woman's beauty: usually through the responses to a wounded heart--hardness instead of strength, weakness instead of tenderness.

I believe every woman has beauty at her very core.  She was designed to bring beauty to the world; to be beauty in her own unique way.

It may sound fluffy or shallow, but beauty is important.  Beauty is not a luxury.

Beauty is something we all hunger for at a very deep level:  to see it and create it.
Without beauty, we live a truly impoverished existence.

God realized as soon as he created Adam, that he would live an impoverished life without Eve.  So woman came to be.  Beauty embodied.

So to be beautiful, does not mean to put on something.  It means to be who we were created to be: beauty.

Beauty inspires us to live better.
Beauty invites us to linger in its presence.
Beauty tells us all is well and all shall be well.
Beauty nourishes us.
Beauty causes us to look to the one who created it...it transcends the everyday and draws our eyes heavenward.

**My thanks to Stasi and John Eldredge for their insights shared in "Captivating" and to Thomas Kinkade in "Lightposts for Living".