Thoughts from Sonya

I've been thinking about what we do and how we're different from others.  Although we serve a similar client base and fill a similar need, we are not boudoir photographers.  It's true we try to help women feel beautiful and build their self-esteem and boudoir photography can do that.  What is different is our focus.  "Boudoir" refers to "bedroom", so there's typically a focus on lingerie, bringing out the "sexy" personna of a woman, and usually involves a stylist offering hair and make-up services to help create that look.   The photographer's poses, camera angle, and focus are also geared to create that look.  Not knocking boudoir, but it's not really what we do.

At Eve Studios, our focus is to capture the natural beauty of a woman: her unique body and personality.  It's a holistic approach.  We encourage our clients to do their own hair and make-up or go to their own stylist...someone they feel comfortable with already.   It's our job to put our clients at ease, use the best lighting, and put the finishing touches on the images.  In the process, our aim is to focus on the whole person.  Depending on the end goal and the comfort level of our clients, the session may include some art nude portraits.  There is usually quite a variety.

So often, we have bad experiences in front of the camera and we have those images in our mind.  Or we remember how we look when we're frowning at our {wrinkles, dark circles, teeth, complexion, cellulite, sags etc.} in the mirror and never get to see ourselves at our best.  That's why we created Eve Studios.  Women need to see their own beauty and be more comfortable in their own skin.  Our Eve sessions are one way of growing in that.

If you feel drawn to the idea of seeing your beauty in a new way, please give Rodney a call at 221-8413.  It would probably easier to put it off, but follow your intuition.  You could spend $100 on shoes/clothes/accessories every month for a year, or you could create an album or wall portrait that reminds you how beautiful you are every day for a year (and even longer).  The choice is up to you!