Spring--Time to Freshen your Business Image

(Erin Postle, life-coach specializing in weight loss)

As everything goes through a time of rebirth, we tend to look at what needs life in our lives. Maybe we get rid of clutter in our closets to make room for clothes that fit us well and suit our needs...or come in a colour that lifts our spirits. Maybe we wash the grime off our windows to let the sun shine in brighter.

If you're a business woman (and we are an ever-growing segment of entrepreneurs), you may want to look at the business image you have out there. Does it reflect the current you? Does it portray the feeling/personality that reflects what you bring to people in your business?

We can help you create what you're looking for. Rodney takes the time in talking as well as in shooting to help you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, so that the image that emerges is one that you love--because it's YOU!

A basic headshot session is $249 and includes the time you need and one retouched image that you have full rights to use for print or web. Additional images are only $49 each.

Call 221-8413 and talk to Rodney. This month we're including an 8x10 print with the session as well.


Announcing our First Winner!

My three-year-old son was so kind to assist me in drawing a name for a $50 Rituals gift card. The winner was Kim Drazic, who heard about us on the Sustainable Fitness website.

Congratulations, Kim!

(Come to think of it, I think I'm going to call them up for some pampering...)

Keep your head up kid

I recently spent 4 hours of my life watching a CBC movie “Keep your head up kid” the Don Cherry story. We all have highs and lows in life but I was struck by how low life got for Don. I’d always seen Don Cherry as a loudmouthed commentator with an eccentric style, I’d never seen who he really was.

As I watched I couldn’t help but think that we are all at a place in life that is very far from where we could be; some of us feel hopeless and others feel helpless. Don Cherry said that it was when he was at rock bottom he said a prayer and very clearly heard the voice of God giving him direction. Things quickly changed and now years later Don Cherry is recognised as one of the greatest Canadians in history.

If you are going through a tough time, “keep your heard up kid” there is a plan for your life and it’s a good one.

Have a great day.



Easter Reflections

As I look back on this week-end, I remember hearing heavenly music wafting in from--the street(!)--as our studio's neighbours (Holy Ghost Church) filled our street with parishioners and led us in the Lord's Prayer on Good Friday. What beautiful sights and sounds to grace the North End. I spent much of the day in bed with a fever and sore throat. Then the bittersweet mix of the arrival of Rod's parents from Saskatoon and the news that our van's back window had been smashed and a couple of important things for us (but useless for anyone else) had gone missing.

Saturday was a low-key day of travel to Winkler to pick up some local cheese (and lots of reading for me: Success Principles by Jack Cansfield) and then some egg-dyeing. We enjoyed some amazing BBQ'd pork tenderloin courtesy of Rodney.

And Sunday, the celebration day, found me doing what I love: dancing and playing with colour. Our pastor had an incredibly moving talk, weaving the pain and sorrow, the love, and the life and power that were at work during the events of Easter. After a nap, we had an Easter egg hunt with little symbols of the Easter story inside each one. To finish off the week-end, I drew an Easter mural on our livingroom window and Rod's Mom cooked a chicken dinner. (And in the evening, we watched "Fireproof" and I cried way too much).

A very rich and full week-end.