Beauty after the Storm

I went for one of my walks across the river Saturday. Just as I was turning the corner after the bridge, I came across some beautiful snow drifts which blocked the sidewalk. In the city, it is more rare to see a snowdrift, as the abundance of buildings, fences, and shrubs tend to slow down the wind.

Where I was, however, the wind had been allowed to swirl the snow into beautifully chiselled drifts.

The thought came to me: when the stormy winds blow and we don't resist them (hide from them, try to escape), change happens, things in our lives are rearranged, and something beautiful can emerge.

Have the cold winds been blowing in your life? Do you feel exposed to their harshness? You can trust that something beautiful is being formed in you. Self-pity, wishing you were somewhere else, or beating yourself up won't help you. Allow change to happen. Let some things go.

When the storm is over, others will notice character formed in you--a softening here, and a strengthening there. And your beauty will inspire the world around you.

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