Time to Move Outdoors

I'm guessing many of you are looking at my title and laughing in disbelief. It's been a cold month. We've been working on our yard a bit though, dreaming of flowers and vegetables, and looking forward to inviting friends over for BBQ's. And enjoying the absence of mosquitoes. Our eldest son keeps both of us fairly busy playing soccer as well.

But more than for enjoying our backyards, the time is coming for sessions to move outdoors. It may not be beach weather yet, but already there are places you can use for location sessions. The exchange district is the first to come to mind, but there are lots of options. Things will really be greening up and eventually the water will be warm enough for the beach.

Urban on-location shooting can be a lot of fun--you can focus on fashion, get funky, or feel like a movie star on set. More natural on-location shooting (parks, beaches, backyards, cottages) can personalize a shoot (if you do it somewhere that is meaningful to you), give a down-to-earth feel, and make use of that "sweet light" if you time it well.

Location shoots are $300. We're still doing studio work, but if you want to create something new and different in the next couple of months, give Rodney a call at 221-8413 and do a little dreaming. He'd love to hear from you.

Add-on as of June 5th:

We are having a special promotion for the month of June. All location shoots are 50% off...a savings of $150 (yes, the math is obvious, sorry).

Rodney is itching to get out and use all the ideas and techniques he's picked up since convention, so give him a call today at 221-8413! Or send him an email.

(Even if you have just the seed of an idea you'd like to try this summer, don't hesitate to contact him right away. You don't have to have it all figured out first.)


In the News

Our art project, Just As I Am, made it into the Free Press this week. Just thought I'd pass on the link.