A Vintage Look

We had a client this past year who loved old movies and old Hollywood glamour.  Recently, we asked her if we could use some of her images for a new brochure we're working on.  She happily agreed.  When we asked if she would also consider writing about her experience, this is what she wrote.
Hello Rodney,
The photo shoot was a truly incredible experience for me. I had an idea of what photos I wanted you to capture based on poses when we planned the themed shoot, but you ended up not just capturing the poses, but a real window into my soul as well. It was more than I could have ever hoped for and it was a truly amazing experience that I wish all women could experience. The shoot itself was very liberating and became a defining moment for this particular stage in my life.
How amazing is it for a woman to let go of her inhibitions and self-criticisms completely for even one day and do something out of the realm of the normal everyday life? To partake in something just for her and to not care what anyone else thinks or says about it. We don’t get many chances in life to do such things, especially when we have careers, families and social lives. You, Rodney, give women the opportunity to do that in your photo shoots, and I can say from my own experience at Eve Studios that you made me very happy to be who I am, inside and out.
Thank you and I wish you and Sonya the very best in your future endeavors!
This whole experience of collecting stories has been so encouraging for us.  I hope it is an encouragement to you as well.  It's so easy for us as women to lose ourselves in the everyday bustle of life, or to get stuck in judgment of ourselves.  Our goal is to help women take time to see themselves in a new light, finding their beauty, and remembering their value.

One thing we're hoping to do in our new brochure is to include a section with lots of faces, so that our readers don't just see one or two featured women and think to themselves, "I'm not like them...I couldn't do this".  Isn't that easy to do?  I hope to include the photos here as well.

Remember, you're beautiful!