Getting Unstuck Emotionally

I have been re-visiting a technique that I've found to be helpful in moving out of an emotion that has me stuck. It's called "Emotional Freedom Technique". It uses principles of psychology and accupressure. What you end up doing is basically tapping on certain energy meridian points with your fingers while focusing on an emotion, belief, symptom, or event--describing what it's like and then moving to acceptance of yourself and choices you want to make surrounding that. The tapping begins to clear the energy disturbances that are associated and you are able to get relief, healing, peace, or change in that area. This is a free series of audios about tapping that started yesterday. You can still join at

EFT has application with pain relief, dispelling limiting beliefs, neutralizing everyday stress, disarming addictions, moving forward in weight loss, embracing change, releasing anxiety about the future, and more. There are practitioners in Winnipeg that specialize in facilitating the technique, which is especially helpful in more difficult areas like past trauma. But the majority of people can do this technique themselves...and what I love is it's free and it's natural. It's basically telling the truth about how you feel/think and helping your body move towards a different reality.

If you don't want to join the summit, I'm sure if you googled Meridian Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, you would also find good information. A slightly different version of EFT is available on this web-site:

Have a great day!

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