Studio Update

Rodney just sent me this image of our lobby after he put up this gorgeous 30 x 48" print to update our look. He is loving the classic feel it gives our lobby. What do you think?

In other news, we will be away for a portion of this month visiting family and doing our "Saskatchewan Family Portrait Tour"...allowing rural families near my home town the opportunity to do family portrait sessions in the beauty of where they live. If you are interested in a similar kind of session for your family, feel free to give Rodney a call. August to October will be fabulous times to photograph family outdoors. Rodney also just completed an incredibly beautiful session at Patricia Beach at sunset for one of our Eve clients. I hope he'll be able to post an image or two soon.

We have just started advertising with Winnipeg Women, a local magazine that we love. We have a couple of extra copies in the studio if you want to stop by and pick one up.

Hope you are having an excellent summer: soaking up the sun, getting active, getting into nature, being rejuvenated...even if it's just in your backyard. When we get back, we're planning lots of BBQ's with friends! (which reminds me...there's this great little shop on Academy Rd. called the Garden've gotta go there!)

Enjoy life! I've got some packing to do!