Well, well, well, my how the time does go by so quickly. My family and I recently spent a week in the mountains of BC and a total of 5 days on the road going to and from our destination. It really amazes me how a change of scenery can do amazing things for our clarity of thought, on our time away I was blessed with the chance to sit out on the deck on one particular evening and just soak in the sounds on the stream running by while I spent an hour enjoying a great cigar. I truly believe that this "stopping to smell the roses" type of thing is an incredibly spiritual experience. I came back from BC renewed and refreshed although in no way caught up on sleep.

My children also had a great time, they knew that for 12 days daddy was theirs, no studio to go to and no renovating to do, it was great.

Photos will come soon, right now I'm exhausted and must sleep.