December news

We've just corrected a phone problem we've unknowingly had over the past 2-3 weeks.  If anyone with Shaw phone service has called our studio number, you likely went immediately to voicemail and haven't heard back from us.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Everything has been fixed and your call will now actually get to us.  So please call back!

It's a beautiful time of year.  We hope you are taking time to savor all the richness and wonder of Christmas.  It's so easy to let to-do lists and busyness steal the joy of Christmas.

I found this video on youtube today.  It tells the story of Christmas from Mary's perspective in thoughtful song combined with vivid scenes from the movie "The Nativity Story".  It's called, "Breath of Heaven".
Breath of Heaven
Hold me together
Be forever near me
Breath of Heaven
Breath of Heaven
Lighten my darkness...
Breath of Heaven



We have finally sold our studio building, effective November 14th, 2012.  Rodney will continue to take clients, on-location or at an alternate studio location throughout the winter, one or two per month only.  Our phone number will remain the same: 204-221-8413.

We are very excited that the new owners will be opening a pharmacy and medical clinic--a great addition for Selkirk Avenue!

In spring, we will start work on a new studio which will be located above our garage.  Drive-in parking and lots of natural's going to be great!

Have a wonderful winter.  If you are doing portraits for Christmas, please book as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.  A gift for your partner is always fun, because it's one of few gifts that is just as much for you as it is for him!  If you're thinking of sending out family photos for Christmas, start planning "your look":  do you want a winter wonderland, a roaring fireplace, or a special family hang-out as the background?  The process from start to finish takes a few weeks, so keep that in mind and don't wait until the last minute.

Enjoy the season...


Being a Woman

I have a number of thoughts rumbling about in my head--at least milling about there--and I felt inspired to share them with you.  The thoughts are coming from my experiences and conversations today.

First, let me tell you a little about me.  I am an introvert by nature and a homebody.  I don't have a great need to go out and do things or be with people.  It's not what feeds my energy.  However, I'm often pleasantly surprised when I do go out, that I get kinda jazzed.  Interesting people stimulate my thought processes and inspire me.  Of course, I wonder why I don't get out more often.

Today, I had fun at a BNI networking breakfast.  I felt excited to meet people and help them meet other people.  I met someone who was taken by our tagline, "Uncovering the Beauty Within".  It was the first time she felt a photographer actually got what it meant to capture her.  A real estate agent, she's had many headshots in life, and some she filed under "ugly promo shots"--images that did not make her feel beautiful.  We talked about the importance Rodney places on getting to know people in order to bring out the best in them, and how lighting and re-touching shape the end product, either detracting from or enhancing a person's true essence and beauty.

Then, I went to a Mom's group at my church.  We started a video series on the book of Esther (from the Bible).  The subtitle is, "it's tough being a woman".  Although I've written about the challenges of being a woman these days, I wasn't sure if I'm into affirming to myself that it's tough being a woman.  At the same time, I am curious about what the focus of the study will be.  The next video is about the challenge of being a woman in another woman's shadow. 

After getting out of my house today, those are some of my thoughts on being a woman.  I will be including some of women's answers to the question: "What are your top three reasons that it's tough being a woman?" on our facebook page in upcoming days at


A Vintage Look

We had a client this past year who loved old movies and old Hollywood glamour.  Recently, we asked her if we could use some of her images for a new brochure we're working on.  She happily agreed.  When we asked if she would also consider writing about her experience, this is what she wrote.
Hello Rodney,
The photo shoot was a truly incredible experience for me. I had an idea of what photos I wanted you to capture based on poses when we planned the themed shoot, but you ended up not just capturing the poses, but a real window into my soul as well. It was more than I could have ever hoped for and it was a truly amazing experience that I wish all women could experience. The shoot itself was very liberating and became a defining moment for this particular stage in my life.
How amazing is it for a woman to let go of her inhibitions and self-criticisms completely for even one day and do something out of the realm of the normal everyday life? To partake in something just for her and to not care what anyone else thinks or says about it. We don’t get many chances in life to do such things, especially when we have careers, families and social lives. You, Rodney, give women the opportunity to do that in your photo shoots, and I can say from my own experience at Eve Studios that you made me very happy to be who I am, inside and out.
Thank you and I wish you and Sonya the very best in your future endeavors!
This whole experience of collecting stories has been so encouraging for us.  I hope it is an encouragement to you as well.  It's so easy for us as women to lose ourselves in the everyday bustle of life, or to get stuck in judgment of ourselves.  Our goal is to help women take time to see themselves in a new light, finding their beauty, and remembering their value.

One thing we're hoping to do in our new brochure is to include a section with lots of faces, so that our readers don't just see one or two featured women and think to themselves, "I'm not like them...I couldn't do this".  Isn't that easy to do?  I hope to include the photos here as well.

Remember, you're beautiful!


Hours of Operation

We've been receiving a number of requests to do sessions on Sunday.  Other than the odd wedding back in the day and maybe one session ever on a Sunday (not even sure we have), we have never been open on Sundays.  We realize it can be difficult to get a whole family together, so we certainly empathize, but it's also our day of rest and family time, as well a day we commit to going to church on.  And with Rodney working a full-time job in addition to doing photography, down-time is precious.  Thanks so much for your understanding.  We will try to make one Saturday per month available as well as an evening per week.  Please contact us well in advance of the date you need us so we can try to accommodate you.



We're fully into summer.  First big heat wave.  Garden growing.  Trips to the beach.  Landscaping.  Popsicles.  Barbecuing.  Convertible rides (yes, that has been a very fun addition to life...we highly recommend it).

We've also been doing some headshots for business owners and will have the studio open on one or two Saturdays (Saturday, July 21st is the first one if anyone else would like to book in).  The evening light has been gorgeous and the mosquitoes not too bad.  If you've got your family together this summer, why not consider an outdoor family session?

Rodney is enjoying his new position at Red River College, developing their program and teaching two additional courses in the fall/winter.  We've been making some improvements to the studio.  It's still for sale as we're eager to build closer to home, but for now we're still on Selkirk Avenue.

Sonya has been learning about health and nutrition lately and still doing some writing.  But mostly focused on the kids, yard, and house this summer.  And trying to fit in some dates.  The new "date car" (Volvo C70 convertible) will increase the fun factor.  Now we can drive to Lockport and back and feel like it was special.  Joy is always in the simple things!  Also reading some interesting books from the library:  Committed (the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love), Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, and The Proper Care And Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  I'm not sure how I'll get through them all, but it was fun to take out so many books that intrigued me.

Hope you have an excellent summer!  And remember you are beautiful!


Here's to Mothers

Mama. Mommy. Mom. Mother.  So many ways to say it.  So many mothers in the world.  We all have/had one.  Mothers have an important role—to teach, nurture, and comfort—and a million other jobs.  This Mother’s Day, I honour mothers, all kinds of mothers.

Here’s to mothers of babies and pre-schoolers, who give and give and give, whether tired or not (but mostly tired).  Your love and care in these early years is crucial.  Enjoy the smiles and giggles and “firsts” now and remember that your time invested  will reward you later.

Here’s to mothers of children and pre-teens.  Many of you have launched your kids into the world of school and some of you have chosen to directly shape your child’s world through home schooling.  You are helping your kids discover their gifts, develop skills, and create healthy habits and relationships.  You may be weary of making lunches and after-school snacks, driving kids around, or telling them to practice or do homework, but hang in there.  Embrace the moments and the conversations you already know are fleeting.  And keep looking ahead as you make decisions. 

Here’s to mothers of teenagers and young adults, who love and don’t necessarily feel love back.  You are shaping the next generation of adults.  Your job is getting increasingly hard as pop culture and peers fight for influence.  Keep trying to connect.  And tell me how to let go of children gracefully, because I have no idea how I will do that.  

Here’s to mothers of kids with special needs.  You are troopers.  You are extraordinary.  You see beyond appearances.  Your rewards are different.  I hope when you are discouraged or weary, you have people around to support you.  I hope you can teach the world to be kinder and more accepting, more thankful, and more understanding.

Here’s to mothers who have adopted.  Whether you have experienced the ache of not being able to bear a child, or whether you have opened your arms to an orphan and expanded your family, you have chosen to care for the most vulnerable.  You have likely or will likely experience heartache like no other because of the unique situation of your child: the insecurities and questions, the anger, and the longing for belonging.  Yet you travel this road and you love.

Here’s to mothers of children who have been placed in the care of others.  You know what it’s like to have your heart ripped away, to feel helpless, and to despair.  You struggle to make your life better, but many times the cycle continues.  Visits are pain and pleasure—sometimes too much to bear.  Whether your kids are allowed back or not, you are a mother.  Though everything else changes, that will never change.

Here’s to mothers of children who rebelled, ran away, got mixed up with drugs or gangs, or went to prison.  You have been through the ringer.  You have loved, you have been tough, you have felt intimidated, you have questioned your decisions, you have endured the judgment of others, but you have kept hoping the best--longer than many thought you would.

Here’s to mothers who have lost children: through miscarriage, stillbirth, illness, accident, or the taking of a life.  You have known sorrow in a way like none other.  Your world has shattered.  You have known darkness.  You have known grief.  You never forget that precious life for one moment.  Yet you go on with life and try your best to live and take care of the others entrusted to you.  Mother’s Day holds sadness with it.

Here’s to those who have experienced neither the joy nor the ache of motherhood, but have longed to.  You have watched friends and family make the transition and leave you behind in many ways.  You have asked “why?” a thousand times, and endured the pain of trying many things without success.  For you, Mother’s Day can be too hard to bear.

Here’s to single mothers who have lost the support they were meant to have, who work hard to earn enough money and still take what little time and energy they have left to care for their kids.  Making ends meet is challenge enough, but so is finding positive male influences, allowing anyone into your heart, and feeling accepted by other mothers.  I hope you have the support you need.

Here’s to working mothers and stay-at-home mothers.  You each make a unique contribution to the world.  You each must strive for balance in order to keep your sanity and your values intact.  You each feel moments of guilt and doubt regarding your decisions.  Yet each of you has made a valid choice.  The most important thing is to be present to your children when you are with them (and somehow, that is not as easy as it sounds).

Here’s to grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  You have wisdom and love to share, yet you must restrain yourself in order to avoid crossing lines.  You have such a special place in your heart for the children of your children and hold such a special place in their hearts, too.  You have the unique opportunity to make an impact on another generation without all the responsibility and hard work.  Yet it is not easy to balance making time for your own pursuits as well as making time for your grandkids.  One or the other will feel more natural, but both are valuable.

Last of all, here’s to my own mother.  You gave me life and love, taught me faith and perseverance, helped me develop my gifts and talents, and prayed for me every step of the way.  I love you!


Mother's Day 2012

Get ready, Winnipeg, it's time for our Mother/Daughter event!  Join us and celebrate your special bond!  Now until May 19th.

Sessions are $50 (plus taxes) and packages start at $100.  Perfect for Mother's Day!


Awards, Gallery Show, and Availability

Rodney was recently awarded "Best Portrait" and "Best Commercial" Image at the Professional Photographers of Canada-Manitoba print competition.  Here are his award-winning images:

"Abracadabra" - Best Portrait

"Fairy Dust" - Best Commercial

These two images are part of a larger collection which is showing until May 5th at Pixels 2.1 Gallery on 217 McDermot Ave.  Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11-5.

We managed to receive some good publicity at the opening of "Airborne".  There was an article in the Metro and a post on CBC's arts blog, Manitoba Scene.

The exhibit is receiving very positive feedback.  The gallery owner is determined these works should be put into book form.  If you're interested in pre-ordering a book (no money necessary yet), please sign-up for yours here.  There is also the possibility of a calendar in the works.  You can see more images on our Airborne Facebook Page.  Make sure to get downtown and visit the gallery though.  It is the most powerful to view them framed and on the walls as a group.

Rodney is just finishing up his first year teaching at Red River College, so he has more availability again.  It's a great time to do something for yourself, to give you that spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye.  Rodney expects to be in the studio Tuesday to Thursday from 11 - 5.  He may have some Fridays and evenings available as well as at least one Saturday per month.  You can reach the studio by calling 221-8413 to set up a consultation.


Email Down

Just a quick note: if you sent an email inquiry to us over the past 10 days or so, you likely didn't hear back from us as our email was down and we were a bit slow in getting things back on track.  Please re-submit your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly.  Thanks so much!



It's hard to believe we're this far into 2012 already.  It has been full of adjustments and transitions.  Rodney has added two evening classes to his teaching load, but is enjoying it immensely.  Our youngest started kindergarten mid-year.  That is also hard to believe!  When I first conceived of Eve Studios, he was just a year old!

With Rodney's limited availability, we have weekdays Tuesday to Thursday and some Saturdays open for appointments.  I am now taking care of communication with clients, although consultations, sessions, and ordering are still all done through Rodney currently.

It has been an interesting journey for me since Rodney's teaching job has freed me up.  Even though I've loved the chance to become a "business-woman" and use my skills and develop new ones, I feel very blessed to now focus more of my time and energy on my passions which centre around my most important relationships, singing, speaking, and writing.  It has been strange to pull back from the business world, but it has been the right choice for me.

I'm so glad we can still offer women the opportunity to explore and celebrate their beauty.  As we venture further into 2012, may we find much to be thankful for each day.