A "Church" Wedding

Well winter is truly upon us and is tradition my last wedding of the year ends in a snowstorm with 6 or more inches of snow. This weekends wedding was the wedding of a truly special couple, Kyle and Tiffany. I first met Tiffany about five and a half years ago while I was photographing her dance school and she left an impression immediately as a person who had a great deal of spunk and personality, I loved it. I have watched in the last five years as Tiffany has developed into a fabulous dancer and an even better performer, I have photographed her performances for years but never imagined I would have the immense honour of capturing her wedding.

Then there is Kyle, he is an outstanding person and good looking to boot, when he and Tiffany walked into the room I felt as if I was about to photograph JFK and his beautiful wife Jackie. I feel as though elegant is not a good enough word to describe this amazing young couple, we had a lot of fun together and as discussed in our consultations funky was not the descriptor of their wedding, it was all pure class and classic.

Well they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone who was witness to the events of this wedding will agree that they were beholding true beauty whether it was simply seeing the couple or seeing the caring way in which they treated everyone who was involved in their day it was beautiful.

Thanks Kyle and Tiffany, God Bless you and your marriage.



Well it's Thursday night and I have already been working for about 50 hours this week, I'm very tired.
This past week I have spent a fair bit of time photographing contemporary dance and am again amazed at what the human body can do and how beautiful and powerful dance and movement are.

Good night all.


The most beautiful smiles

Well it's winter here in Winnipeg, we have lots of snow and it's freezing outside but with winter comes outside fun with the kids. This last two weeks my kids have gotten a new hobby, it's called having daddy pull us around on the sled before he goes to the studio and until he's on the brink of a heart attack. Why do we do these crazy things?? The answer to this is very simple, all I had to do was turn my head while on Clydesdale duty and see the expressions on my kids faces, they were giggling and laughing all the while holding on for dear life. After seeing this my cold face was balanced by my warm heart, and that's all the beauty I could handle in one day.