The 30 day challenge???

I was inspired and challenged by a client yesterday, her name is Carly and she recently took a 30 day yoga challenge. Carly came in for a session and not only was she beautiful, she was also an amazing person and I was inspired when hearing her story so i too think that I should try to do a 30 day challenge of my own. In all fairness I have been getting slightly healthier by taking the bike to work and around town as much as possible, but I think if I could build up my core muscles a bit and just tune my body up that would be good; I do realize that I won't have as good a body as Carly has, but I'm going to do what I can to become more healthy.

I should clarify, I won't be doing yoga for 30 days but will be doing a workout daily for 30 days, please ask me how it's going and keep me accountable.

Speaking of new beginnings, last week we finally planted new grass seeds here at the studio after bringing in 10 yards of topsoil and 6 yards of limestone. With the help of Jacob my 6 year old son we have done a lot of work here at the studio and are proud of the way it is looking, thanks to our clients for your patience as we have been working on the yard and trying to improve the property here.

Now, stop reading and go outside and enjoy a few mins of beautiful fresh air.


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