Pin-Ups or Art Nudes?

Take our poll and tell us what you think...

In Saturday's Free Press, reporter Carolin Vesely did a superb little piece showcasing a photographer in the city who has a specialty creating "pin-up" style portraits. Hair, make-up, costume, props and even computer graphics combine to create the scene, the look and even the personna. Kind of intriguing.

Some of the quotes I found especially notable were: "Latschislaw (the photographer) says he wasn't interested in doing nudes. 'I want to do pictures that women can show their mothers.' "

And of a pin-up model in Toronto, "You won't find any nude pictures of me anywhere. Not that there's anything wrong with that, in the right context, she adds. When you consider that the female body is the most beautiful thing that was ever created, to cover it up and say it's dirty, to me, that's wrong."

At Eve Studios, we focus on who our clients are and bring that out in the portraits rather than create a certain look. We try to keep our settings simple and clean in order to bring emphasis to the subject...We aren't looking for sexy as much as empowered, confident and free to be who you are (which does include allure, passion, mystery, drama...) Ironically, it seems when a person has all that they usually hide behind stripped away, a new honesty emerges. And the resulting imagery seems to be purer and truer.

But enough about us...what do you think? Check out the article. Check out our work. What do you see? How do you feel when you see the images? Do you see yourself in them? What would you choose? And for fun, take our little poll and we'll see what women are thinking.

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