Update on challenge

Alright, I'm not the most disciplined person I know, but I have actually done fairly well on this Better Body challenge of mine. I must say it feels kind of good now to look in the mirror and say "Wow you are a sexy man" to myself, who knows within a week or two Sonya might even be saying that to me without prompting!!! Thanks Carly for the inspiration.

It is summer and the time has come to focus on the outside of our building again. The new grass is slowly coming up and is very patchy, but I'm getting the itching to paint so I am turning my gaze to the outside entry door. Now my question for you, what color do I paint it, I'm torn. Red is punchy and vibrant, lime green is our logo color and has some character and lastly black or white are also options. What do you think????? We are so interested in your opinion that the person with the best response (not just color, but why we should choose that) will receive a gift.

That's it for now, I hope all is well.


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Anonymous said...

When I saw that you were looking for a front door colour I immediately thought RED...then I thought, is that cliche? Then I thought, who cares, I think it should be red. Red says "Here I am!", it's warm and welcoming, it's bold, not shy. It's playful, sexy, and sophisticated all rolled into one.