With a Smile

I know I just blogged yesterday, but I was out this morning on Academy Road and I was just so impressed with the two businesses I stopped in at, that I have to say something. I've been to both before and I so I wasn't surprised, but wow!

First was Bernard Callebaut. Such personable service (and of course yummy chocolates). So into my kids (that's always a plus). Just a lovely experience. Did you know that they have their own delectable chocolate in bulk forms to take home with you for baking? I picked up a bag of their semi-sweet chocolate chips. So good for little pick-me-ups. And no artificial flavors.

Then was Tiber River. I was so so warmly greeted and helped by Carly. Their store is so beautiful and fresh. And today I actually got a chance to smell some of their products. What a treat! I finally settled on to their "Perfect Pear" lotion for the studio and their Cucumber Wasabi hand wash. I wish I would've had more time...

Now, when you come to the studio, you can sample what I brought back (sorry, no chocolates). I know you'll want to head over to Academy Road once you have...

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