Dating other people

Well it's official so I thought I would let our little world in on it, Sonya and I have started dating other people. This weekend was our first go at it and I must say, it was AWESOME!!! Friday was my date night and my date looked like a million bucks, Rachel (my 3 year old princess) was dressed to kill and she helped me pick out the clothes that she wanted me to wear (you need to look handsome daddy). Sunday night was Sonya's turn and Jacob (our 5 year old prince charming) was dressed in a button up shirt and his nicest jeans, he even allowed me to put a little cologne on him. We both went to the same show, the performance put on by the Senior professional program of the School of Contemporary Dancers; what an amazing show, my kids were in awe and want to go again next weekend. It was really quite an amazing experience to go out with the kids one on one, it was special for both Sonya and I but all the more for the kids.

I guess if I have to date someone other than my babe, my princess is the next best option, thanks sweetie.


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