Cherishing Yourself

Do you find it easiest to focus on the needs of others? You are likely in tune with your children, your friends, your spouse. You tend to be a likeable person. You're quite adaptable. When you start to become irritable or snappy, you feel out of character and uncomfortable.

Women are geared to excel and flourish in relationship. But when we overlook our own needs and desires, we may find resentment and stinginess creeping in. Our levels of joy diminish. Our giving comes out of an increasingly shallow pool. And if left long enough, our body or soul will finally scream at us or we will find ourselves screaming at the ones we love. But with regular time to care for ourselves and recharge (wellness strategies), we won't get so desperate.

Do you know what feeds you? Do you know what you love? Do you know what drains you? Two simple ways you can get more in touch with yourself are:

  • Morning pages/stream-of-consciousness writing - Start with a blank sheet of looseleaf or a notebook of similar size and write whatever comes into your mind for three pages. Don't stop to think, process, or censor. Simply put down on paper whatever enters your mind. You do not have to "be" a writer. You just write. First thing in the morning is ideal, or whenever you really feel off-centred, need to make a decision, or whatever. There is something about committing our thoughts to paper that make them more concrete.

  • Collage - With back-to-school-sales everywhere, now is the time to pick up one of those coil-bound Hilroy scrap books. Take your magazine stash or ask a library for some old ones, pick a topic or theme, and rip out images that you are drawn to. Put them into an envelope or ziploc bag and when you have time and enough images, glue them into your scrapbook. You may choose a theme of interior decorating (things you love) and find your style emerge. You may just pull random images and find a theme emerge. If you are grieving something or have unprocessed emotions, collage can be a powerful tool as well.

If these ideas sound good on paper, but you have no idea how to actually incorporate them into your life, here a few more tips:

  • For collage, pick one evening for "me-time" and start.
  • For morning pages, go out and find a nice journal or simply buy some 20-cent looseleaf at Superstore, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and just do it. (Hint: finding a pen you love using really helps!)
  • But the important thing is to decide to do something that's good for you and then do it!

Another way to cherish yourself is to find things that help you feel beautiful. One way I recommend (of course), is to book a consultation with Rodney at our studio. You'll have a chance to get to know one another, talk about what an Eve Session might look like for you, and look at some albums of women much like you, who have chosen to do something special. It takes a little time and a little courage, but it's so worth it! Call 221-8413 or see our website for online contact.

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