I was listening to the radio the other day and the question was asked are you truly happy? Can Money buy happiness? These questions really got me thinking. Part of the program was discussing a study in which over half of us answered that we would rather have money and prestige than have true happiness. WOW!!

As I think about my own thoughts on money I must admit that I often equate money with happiness; mostly I suppose because as an artist I’ve been conditioned to believe that escaping poverty is simply a dream that will never come to pass and if I could only pay all my bills and have the cash to buy some cool stuff I would in fact be happy. A few years ago I spent a lot of time photographing homeless people in Winnipeg through a local mission; I would do a formal portrait of them and interview them about their dreams and ambitions. One day I met a lady who had the kind of smile that could light up a room, when asked what her dreams were in life she said “I don’t know that I have many dreams in life, I guess it would be really nice to walk into a store someday and buy something that’s brand new, something that nobody has ever owned before, that would be a dream I guess.” Talking to these people, many of whom found happiness and pleasure in the most simple of things made me wonder why I hadn’t made the time to be happy in everyday life.

This week I’ve asked myself the question again and have come up with the answers all over again, but this time I feel as though I really am happy in life, I have family that loves me and I can love, I have friends who support me, I have work that I enjoy and I have peace with God. Don’t get me wrong, I am still looking forward to being able to pay all of my bills every month and have money left over, I’m looking forward to buying an old Saab or Volvo convertible as a date car for Sonya and I or me and by kids; but I don’t measure happiness by what I have as much as how I am living.

Where are you on the happiness scale, I hope you are well.



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