Saying Goodbye to Summer

A Meditative Walk at the Beach on an August evening

As summer comes to a close, I begin to anticipate the coming of autumn. It's one of my favorite seasons. Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a homebody and love the feeling of nesting, making hearty soups and stews, and using my oven again. Maybe it's because I love the changing colours, the falling leaves, the warmth and aroma of a fire when the air is a bit nippy, and the feel of jeans and a sweater.

Even though the earth is moving into a season of decay and dormancy, I always feel like it's a time of new beginnings. Perhaps that's largely due to the school calendar (I was a perpetual student for 25 years). Perhaps there really is something in the air that causes me to think of new visions and goals. Certainly, as I look forward to fall, the concern for my children's growth and wellbeing factor into how I want to shape my time and their lives.

What are your aspirations as we approach a new season? What have been the roadblocks in the past? What resources and skills do you possess to bring your ideals into reality? What small steps can you take to move in that direction (thanks, Alfa Life Coaching for these reflective tools). We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment here or email Sonya or Studio at (just avoiding spam here by writing it out...please change to email format).

Check back soon for our fall promotion. Until then, remember that you have until the 31st to make use of our crazy summer promotion where studio sessions are $50 and outdoor sessions are $75 (a savings of $150-$225).

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