Winnipeg Family Ideas--from Tara Miller

Being professional photographers, we look for ways to spend family time in a way that reflects our passion.

When we are not shooting for a client we love the chance to jump in the car as a family with a few snacks and drinks and drive the Manitoba back roads to look for that special place to spend the time as a family photographing a secret garden or rolling valley.

Our 13 year old is happy when he can use all the modern ipad, ipod, and technical gadgets on the way. But when we arrive we might grab a local lunch or visit the farmers market for a fresh treat! Then all 3 of us with cameras in hand head out together to capture some images of the day. It's really exciting to me as a mom to see what my son finds interesting at this age to shoot.

I always get excited when he has the same interest in his photography. To keep one up on him, we make it as a fun competition to upload and view what adventures we shared in the day.

I keep in mind as a parent that encouragement and positive feedback goes a long way!

Sonya's note:  Tara is currently a finalist for CNIB's Eye Remember photo contest and you can see her photo/vote until June 30th. 

One family idea that I (Sonya) plan to implement this year is sketching excursions with my kids.  It's been a very long time since I've done that and I'd love to see what my kids come up with.  I'm planning to buy my supplies at http://www.cre8ivesupplies.com  It's a great new store in the exchange district here in Winnipeg (Adelaide and William).


Tara Miller said...

A big thank you, and not just for sharing my story but also for your support!

Sonya said...

My pleasure! Congrats!