Winnipeg Family Ideas--from Stephanie Staples

 I asked Stephanie Staples from "Your Life Unlimited" to share a few of her family time ideas.  Her kids are 17, 19, and 21.  Some of her answers are here and some will be popping up on our facebook page  in the next couple of weeks.  One of my favorites is what they do at the dinner table to get conversation going and create positive attitudes.
  • great outings   -  anything one on one (sometimes we try so hard to do everything as a family we forget the power of 1:1 interactions/experiences)  
  • activities at home  - homemade playdough - never too old for that warm dough! 
  • family rituals  - Manitoba Marathon - any length 
  • best ever vacations  - camping, camping, camping 
 You can listen to Stephanie's radio show on CJOB from 8-9 on Fridays when there are no sporting events competing for air time.  She will be discussing the topic of family time this Friday and has asked us to be her guests!   Maybe she'll expand on some of her her playdough recipe!

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