Winnipeg Family Ideas--from Laura Finlayson

We met Laura Finlayson during one of our art projects.  She is the mother of two girls: a tween and a toddler.  She has graciously agreed to give us some of her ideas for family time.
I'm Laura Finlayson from Nest Executive Home and Lifestyle Management.  "Work. Life. Balance Both." is the motto for my business.

Great outings  
 We like to go to the St. Norbert Farmer's Market, take hikes at Bird's Hill Park and have a picnic or walk to our local park.  The Mennonite Heritage Village is also a great outing, although not free.  

Activities at home 
  • picnics in the back yard
  • family movie night
  • family games night
  • a fire with marshmallows in our back yard
  • scrapbooking
Family rituals  
We don't answer the phone during dinnertime, and that's a strict rule in our house.  We also pretty much ALWAYS eat dinner together with no TV on!  We let our 12-year-old choose what's for supper once per week, and we allow her to sit in the living room and have dinner watching TV once per week. 

Best ever vacations   
A trip to Salt Spring Island, B.C. 
Sonya's note:  Laura also had some great conversation starters.  You can find them on our Eve Studios facebook page.

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