Mother's Day Expression

I was inspired to write a song for my kids a while back and thought I would share the lyrics with you all (it's not recorded yet or I would share the actual song). Although Mother's Day is meant to honour and give to mothers, I think it is a time for mothers to also reflect on what it means to be a mother. (By the way, this photo was taken near a creek here in Winnipeg, just off of Portage).

The Three of You
(by Sonya Braun)

The three of you have changed my life immensely
No one can melt my heart like you
No one can move my heart like you

For the three of you I've lived my life intensely
No one can love you like I do
No one can change my love for you

It's just for the three of you...

As each of you made your entrance into this world
You made a special entrance into my heart
And as I held you, rocked you, fed you,
As I gazed into your eyes,
It was love,
Deep, deep love

As each of you become the person you're meant to be
So special, so unique, and on your way
Just know you can always be yourself
And I'll still look into your eyes
With love,
Deep, deep love.

(Feel free to use this poem and adapt it for the number of kids you have!)

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