Enter our Mother's Day draw

Received the following entry by email and thought I would post it. Keep telling these stories. It's wonderful! For anyone new to this blog, we are having a draw for some fabulous prizes and you can enter two ways:
  1. Tell us why your mother/friend deserves to win either by commenting on this or another post or by emailing me (sonya at eve studios dot ca)
  2. Come in to the studio for a mother/daughter session and you will be entered
At this point, there are two prize baskets. If the person you picked wins, you will also win. Or, if you come to the studio and your ticket wins, you and your mother (or friend of your choice) will win the prize basket.

Our number of prizes keeps growing, so we may do two draws. We'll have to see!

Thank you to these business owners for their donations:

I think my mom deserves to win for so many reasons. My mom has been an inspiration for me through so many ways. She has shown so much dedication in her role as a mother, a listener, a therapist and most importantly as a friend. Over the years she has worn so many hats. My mom has always been there for me especially when life has hit me hard. She sacrificed so much over the years to ensure our happiness. She has never been judgemental and has always been patient. I hope to one day follow in her footseps and be an amazing mother like she has been. Overall I think my mom deserves to win for just being who she is because that person is remarkable.
Thank you,
CĂ©line Land

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