Celebrating Milestones

As I get closer and closer to my 40th birthday, I (besides frequently forgetting how old I am) am curious how I will feel as I enter that decade. My thirties have been a time of intense motherhood, discovering and developing my talents, and becoming more comfortable and in touch with who I am. What will my forties bring? How will I celebrate that milestone in fitting fashion?

I hope I will have friends and family join me in some way (I think a goal of mine over the next three years will be strengthening those relationships). I hope I will take time to reflect on who I've become and where I want to go. I hope I will take some time for me, doing what I love. I hope I will take some time and do another shoot with my hubby. Hmmm, with all that on my list, maybe I'll have to take a whole week to celebrate!

What about you? Are you approaching some milestones in your life? Have you just celebrated one of those "big" birthdays? Make sure you take some time to reflect and to celebrate. I hope you'll decide to include Eve Studios in your plans!

Why do a session?
Do it for yourself...Do it for your partner
Do it because it’s fun...Do it because it’s important
Mark a milestone...Make a mark
Celebrate your beauty...Celebrate your worth
Celebrate your love...Celebrate your life
But do’ll be so glad you did.

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