Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

One of my favourite movies for my kids to watch while I’m working in the background or watching with them is Shrek. I think that there are many reasons that I like it so much but one of them may be that sometimes I feel as though I look like Shrek and act like Donkey, quite the combination I must admit.

In one of the scenes a magic mirror is found and brought to the king, he asks the question “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the greatest king of all?? (Or something like that.)” The Mirror who is painfully honest and a bit of a smarty-pants tells the king that he really isn’t a king after all as he has no queen.

I think I often look into the mirror expecting it to be somewhat magical and tell me something that is not true when reality often is what I’m faced with. I spent the first twenty some years hating my body and wishing it was something else, Bigger, Stronger, better looking, more defined muscles and the list goes on; now as a much more matured person (and 50 pounds heavier) I am finally at a place where I really appreciate what I had.

I’m on a journey to better health and that includes running several times a week which ironically is morphing me back slowly to the body that I had many years ago which I am thankful for; although I still wish I could completely be satisfied with who I am and how I look. Life is a journey and I’m finding that it’s a lot more fun while I’m running.



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