Fashion Shows and Art Projects

Well, the creative energy of spring must be flowing!

I was just at the Women Business Owner's "Tulips & Tea" Fashion Show and Fundraiser for Osborne House. I had the privilege of sitting with some wonderfully diverse women who all seemed to have a zest for life! I really enjoyed myself once the event got going.

I was deeply touched by the young woman who shared her story of how she finally escaped an oppressive relationship and has found a new life "One Year Later". I loved the passion of the Tina Turner impressionist, who also shared the message she gave troubled girls at a nutshell, "You have value and others better treat you good". I found the fashion show to be a refreshing look at what's out there in Winnipeg. My favorite line of clothing was from Glyfada Dress Design. I have never seen anything like it. Loved some of the other stores on Academy: 9 Boutique, Sue's, and Emile et Etiene. If you're coming to our blog after being at the show, what were your favorite parts of the event?

The other spring thing going on, coming up next week (from the 27th to the 2nd), is an exciting and important art project Rodney and I are undertaking. It's called "Just As I Am" and is going to showcase the beauty of the human body, create awareness of what "normal" bodies look like, and give people the experience of being vulnerable and naked before a camera and how that perhaps changes them in some way. For more information and to sign-up, please visit And if it resonates with you, please...tell others. We want as much diversity in age, cultural background, shape and size that we can possibly get. Come with a group or a friend or spouse and make it more fun!

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