wishing for purgatory

It's that time again, twice a year I redo the studio floors which amounts to sanding down the floors by hand, adding wood filler to the floors to get the bumps out (again by hand) and then sanding them again. Unfortunately by this time I'm not done yet, I still have the painting, scuffing and painting to go.

Well, I'm half way done or so and I have found out something that is probably very important, I now know beyond the Shadow of a doubt that I'm not a Catholic. What an interesting time to find that out you say, and however did you come to that conclusion, well very simply put last night and this morning I was acutely aware of the fact that I seemed to have scooted right past purgatory and slipped into the raging fire; that is every part of me was begging for mercy and wishing for a chance to buy or pray myself out of this hell that was in my muscles.

Well, gotta go, this was all the break time i could afford to take, until next time, bon voyage!!


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