then there were three

Hi all, every once and a while I have an experience that is truly special and this week I had one of them. I had a wonderful session this last week with a very vibrant woman named Brenda, when she came to see her photos she came bearing gifts, 4 Cuban cigars to be exact.

For those of you who know me well you will know that the opportunity to spend an hour with my friends from Cuba is an opportunity i have a hard time passing up, so when i heard that we only had one day of nice weather left I simply had to make some time in the evening to spend with one of my friends, well actually two. Brenda said I should make sure I spent the time with a friend and i agree whole heartedly. As I see it one of my friends went up in smoke that night and the other is my favorite, I spent the time on a long walk talking to God; it was an awesome time of grounding where i had the chance to count my blessings instead of simply presenting a wish list to him as I'm prone to do. I find that the more time I spend being thankful for the things that I have been blessed with the less time I spend envying the things of others, so this was a wonderful time for me.

I know we all have something that we enjoy that brings positive feelings and emotions to us, my challenge for you today is to find something that brings you to a place of being grateful and spend some time there, It is a place I hope to spend much more time this year.

Have a great day and Happy Smoking to you all.


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Alicia said...

Those moments that we take to just be with God are amazing, aren't they? They just seem to put things back into perspective. I took a January away from classes to do just that and I'm feeling refreshed and (gulp) ready for the coming semester. Thanks for the reminder of what's important through your example.