Our Clients - True Beauty

There is a new TV series out there called "True Beauty"; it's a reality show that has 12 contestants and they are competing to be the most beautiful in America. The only catch is that the judges are actually judging them on both inner and outer beauty. In order to best measure the inner beauty there are actors hired to do things that allow the person to react positively or negatively; it's very interesting.

Well, as you may know last night we celebrated our 1 year birthday party here at EveStudios and we had a great number of clients brave the cold to join us for our celebration. As i looked around during the evening I was overcome by the amazing people we have had the opportunity to get to know, you are all truly beautiful!! As we started the evening last night we were a little behind schedule, I was totally amazed at how our clients jumped in to help finish a few preparations.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge a few superhero people in our lives last night.
Erin Winter - Erin has been a long time friend and she spent half the evening serving without being asked, we love you Erin.
Sheen Grobb - Sheena was our musician for the evening and she and her man disappeared for 15 mins to prep food for us, wow, you two are amazing!
Rhonda Rempel - Our friend and client who volunteered to come and spend some time as a greeter and welcomer (is that really a word??), thanks Rhonda.
I know there were many others, thank you all, we love you.

So back to the beginning, what is true beauty, I would hazard a guess that ABC could come and spend some time in our studio and find the winners to their contest, thank you all so much for being a part of our lives.


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