Help for "That Time of the Month"

"I wanted to tell you about an herbal supplement called Black Cohosh that is great for alleviating PMS, painful cramps, and other symptoms from your menstrual cycle. Apparently, it's also great for menopause symptoms. It's very cheap. I bought a bottle of 60 capsules at Walmart for under $3. I mentioned it to one of my co-workers who told me she always has very painful periods and I gave her one capsule to try. She said it worked so fast and she felt normal for the rest of the day and into the night! She called it her "miracle pill"! You can buy it at health food stores as
well. I find it really helps stabilize my moods as well."

~ courtesy of one of our clients

Thanks, for sharing that, Shauna. If anyone else has a helpful tip for
the life of a woman, please email Sonya at Just don't forget to do your own research to verify any ideas you read about here.

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