Body Image Inspiration

I had the opportunity to look through a magazine today at my chiropractor's office (a rare treat to sit there rather than chase after my toddler). I picked up the September issue of Chatelaine because one of its headlines caught my eye, something about how eight women found ways of accepting their bodies the way they are. It was a photo spread with little write-ups on each woman's journey and a little quote to inspire with.

For some, it was about loving their bodies because of the story it told about their life (a scar from surgery, a fight with cancer). For another, it was a lifestyle change that made her more comfortable in her own skin (even if her roommate wasn't crazy about the change). I won't go into any more details and spoil it for you if you haven't read it yet.

If you get the chance, pick up a copy (it's orange). If you miss your chance before the next issue comes out, head to a library and take a look. I think you'll be inspired. And if you are, write a letter to the editor and let her know and maybe even share your sounds like she's on a journey of her own. I'm going to sit down right now and write her a letter myself (of course, letting her know what we do at Eve Studios here in Winnipeg, too!!).

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