The Bra Whisperers

If you've been following the show "How to Look Good Naked" on "W", you'll be quite familiar with the host's favorite name for those who help women get properly fitted for undergarments: "Bra Whisperer".

I visited one of Winnipeg's own, having recently finished breastfeeding our last child. I figured now was the perfect time to find out my actual size and get something new to replace my ugly worn-out nursing bras.

I learned:
- when buying a bra, it should be snug on the first hook to allow for a bit of stretching out with wear
- buying too large a band for your chest size results in the straps falling down, which usually results in making the straps tighter, which usually pulls up too much in the back (or front) and makes us crazy!
- when a bra is good quality materials and make, the snugness of the bra is not uncomfortable
- a good bra can totally transform your shape
- bras like to be washed by hand fairly often and hung to dry and will reward you by keeping their shape and comfort for a long time (I knew this, but didn't necessarily abide by this, especially in the last five I'll have to get in the habit of bra-washing before bed!)
- I have entirely too good of taste in bras and I had to go home to think about it, but I'm convinced I will go back and spend the money
- lay-away is a wonderful thing (25% down and monthly payments until it is purchased and you can finally take that beautiful, French bra home)
- I am a 32 B
- I don't think I want to go back to pulling bras off the racks and going in and out of department store dressing rooms

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