It is finished!!

Well the time for our grand opening has come and is now gone. In the last few weeks I have spent about 70 hours per week at the studio madly trying to finish our space(to those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing our space early on in our ownership the transformation really has been amazing). Last night I actually got some sleep and I am finally at a place where my body is beyond total physical exhastion and I am listening and trying to obey my system.

Enough about me, thank you to all who made the time to come and join us for our grand opening, given the weather and all the flu bugs out there we really appreciateyour support and encouragement. The nasty cold and some really nasty flu bugs kept over half of our intended guests away last night, but to the many who made it out the Starbucks coffee and chocolate fountain were quite the hits. If warm chocolate and fruit are not you thing, there were also cheesecakes and hot snacks and who could forget the gummy bears and kettle cooked chips (I love kettle cooked chips!!) The food really was secondary to the people who showed up, It was really wonderful to spend some time catching up with clients and perspective clients as well as friends; my only regret was that I didn't have enough time with all of you who came out last night, I think another evening of food and hanging out is in order and will probably plan it for a time where the chance of -45 with the wind chill is not a probability.

Thanks again to all who joined us and to all who couldn't make it we hope to see you soon.


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