It's been almost a month since our birthday bash! In that time, we've really been sensing a building of momentum that I've been dubbing the "snowball" effect. All of our marketing has really started coming together and it's exciting to see.

A couple of businesses have really helped us out. One of them is Sustainable Fitness. Allan Zimmer, the founder of these outstanding boot camps, has brought his vision and connections to us in a very generous manner. Thanks for giving us a presence on your website, Allan. We really appreciate all you've done for us. If anyone is looking towards getting more fit and just needs a boost...I encourage you to look into one of the many boot camps Sustainable Fitness offers. They have a wide variety of locations and times throughout the year, with some really high-quality trainers. We enjoyed a barbecue with the Sustainable crew this summer...great people (and great food). Boot camps offer variety, social interaction and accountability--all things we need when we're trying to change something in our lives!

Another business-owner who is a big cheerleader for Eve Studios is Jessica LoRusso. She recently opened Zealous MediSpa on Provencher and is also co-owner of Success Sistas, an organization that helps women strategize for the next five years of their lives, whether in business or personal areas of their lives. Jessica is a talented and passionate woman, and we thank her for being passionate about "Eve".

Keep your eyes and ears open...we think you'll be hearing about Eve Studios a lot in the near future.

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