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This last week has been a week of hearing about death; a woman that I photographed two months ago passed away last week and then I got a call this week from my parents that a cousin of mine died this week, she was in her mid thirties.

My In laws were here visiting us this last week; first I would really like to dispel a myth that's out there that in laws are bad, I happen to love my in laws and feel blessed to have them in my life. Anyway my father in law suggested we watch a movie and being one who loves watching movies I jumped at the thought. We rented "Expelled - No intelligence allowed" a movie made by Ben Stein. This movie is a must see as it speaks with some of the worlds top scientist and captures their theories as to the origins of life here on earth.

Wow, Rodney is really very random today is he not?? Well the reason that I am hopping around as much as I am is simply that all of this caused me to stop for a few moments and ask some very deep questions; is there enough evidence for intelligent design in our world, my thinking is yes. If your answer is maybe or yes then the next question we have to ask is who may have designed our world or the life within it? This is where it all gets a little on the tricky side; you see this has to followed up by the question does the creator have any expectations of us and if so, what might that be??

The wonderful thing about death is that it makes me ask questions about the opposite - LIFE. A question that I ask when I face the loss of someone is this, am I ready to meet my creator?? Does my creator have any expectations of me?? Am I living up to these expectations??

Generally when I am forced to ask questions like this the answers demand some sort of changes in life; if you have never taken the time to ask these simple questions of yourself take the time before they are motivated by the death of someone you love or worst case scenario you have to ask them live, one on one in the presence of your creator as your demise forces us to ask these questions.

Life is precious, I want to take a moment to wish you the very best in Love, Life and Laughter.

God Bless you.

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Alicia said...

So sorry to hear about those losses. I just did a presentation this week on how it most often takes difficult life circumstances for those fundamental questions to bubble up.

Ever thought of going to Seminary Rod? It's all about the questions here.