This morning has started with a bang. I headed over to our studio at 8:30 to get a headshot done. I was reminded why people love having my husband take their photos. It was fun! And in an hour or so, I should get to see them! When I got back, I decided to discard all of the science experiments in my fridge. I would make an amazing researcher...if I just knew what I was growing! After snack-time, it was downstairs to the basement for my Core-Secrets ball workout. I love my videos. They're the only ones I've ever actually enjoyed and been able to stick with. I still haven't done three/week, but I've gone up from just one to two in the average week. I'm looking forward to being stronger and even a bit sculpted. My shoulders and back are the weakest and they get a good work-out.

On the business front, I continue to learn. The good news is, we still have "Dreamscape" available for order, and you can still get it for $300. The bad news is (obviously), that we haven't sold one yet. This is disappointing at first glance, but I thought about it and realized, "Who wants to buy a piece of art that they haven't seen in real life, hanging on a wall in front of them, so that they can connect with it, visualize how it would look in their home or business, and fall in love with it?" Exactly. No one.

To fix that problem, we have one coming into the studio this week. If you come in for a session, you will have the opportunity to see it. If you really want, you can call to make an appointment just to see it! (How can you tell I love it?!) And when we have our celebration of Rod's accomplishments/wrap-up of November promotions beginning of December (date to be confirmed), it will be on display and available for order in time for Christmas.

That's it for now! Have a great Monday!

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