Marketing is Fun!

This fall, I've been stepping it up a notch in the area of marketing. Sometimes it's scary, but in the end, I really enjoy it. I'm not a natural when it comes to talking to new people, particularly on the phone, but I'm learning lots and enjoying the challenge. My favorite part is getting out and finding exciting businesses and friendly staff. It's a nice change from mothering and household duties.

Every Wednesday out, I stop at Cornelia Bean first, to order a tea-to-go, smell a few new teas, and learn a bit more about their business. I love starting out this way. Such a treat. Cornelia Bean is a store on Academy that specializes in importing amazing teas and coffee as well as all the acoutrements (I love the occasional big word...hope I spelled it right!) Sometimes I stop at Bernard Callebaut for a couple of amazing chocolates to either give away or enjoy myself. It's also where I buy my chocolate chips with no artificial flavor, which are a great pick-me-up for me and the kids. I usually stop in at Tiber River to say hi and to look around at all their amazing natural products. Most recently, I picked up their "Pretty in Pink" essential oil blend for the studio. Let us know what you think of it next time Rodney burns it.

Last week, I visited the European Shoe Shop and ended up picking up an amazing comfortable casual black shoe for an equally amazing price. Bonus!! I followed my intuition and ended up across the street at Moulé. Their fashion and home decor is high-end, but the service was far from high-brow. I don't think I have ever met such friendly and upbeat staff in a store. Every single one of them was quick to smile, very personable, and completely genuine. What a great experience!

This week, I had the pleasure of a visit with Esther Vandenberg of Vandenberg's Fine Jewellery. As a new business owner, it was so nice to spend time with one who's a little farther down the road. She and her husband started their business 11 years ago. What I really love about them is their character, their generosity, and their team-focus. If you want to support a quality business and you're looking to create a piece that has your signature on it, give them a visit on Portage between Ferry and Barry. "You dream it, they make it". They also have a great collection of fine jewellery on hand in their peaceful and serene storeroom.

Well, the other thing that makes marketing so fun is the shopping. As a mom of three little people, it is a rare treat to be out by myself. This time I was even in a shopping mall. Someone had told me I had to try Laura Petites if I was looking for clothes. They were right. I got the nicest pair of black pants there, and there's no hemming required! What I also learned at Lululemon, is that they sell more than athletic wear. They have some business wear as well, all with four-way stretch and wicking-away capability. And they offer free hemming! I never did take the opportunity to try a pair there as I was on a time budget, but one of these days...

That's it for my fun with marketing. If you've been missing Rod's writings and photography or are wishing for more writing on us and our business, you should write and tell us first of all, because we'd love to hear from you...and we are hoping to get back on track with our blogging. Give us your feedback and what you'd like to see and hear. That would be appreciated.

Have a great week-end!


mariaborito said...

It's nice to here from you and follow your day a little bit. Wow, shopping without kids! What a treat! That part of Winnipeg is such a nice niche. We should meet there for tea sometime!
The more posts the better:)

Alicia said...

I'm checking in from time to time so keep the posts coming! I love to hear what you're up to.