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Well, this was a very busy weekend; it was the weekend of our Professional Photographers of Canada - Manitoba convention. It was a great but exhausting weekend. I learned a lot this weekend about myself and life. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to be the Photographer of the year here in Manitoba, a lofty dream. Last year I was in a seminar and the presenter suggested that we write our dreams for the next 3 years out, well I wrote become the photographer of the year in Manitoba.

Last night after a weekend of learning and judges from across Canada Judging the work of Manitoba’s Pros my goal came to be. It was humbling and somewhat exciting to receive this honour, but in reality the best judges in my life are my clients and the best award I could receive is the love of my family and friends.

Here are the images I had judged, thanks so much to those of you who helped to make these images possible, I appreciate your help more than i can say.

Rodney S Braun MPA
By the way, to celebrate being the photographer of the year we are going to be having a great special, look for info in the next day or two.

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